The Bosch Auto Service Difference

Bosch Auto Service was invented with independent auto repair shops in mind. When you sign on to join the Bosch Auto Service franchise, you gain a valuable business connection that supports your business goals. Grow your customer satisfaction and relationships through our dedicated support.

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As a Bosch Auto Service, a regional consultant is with you every step of the way, coaching you through customized industry and financial strategies designed specifically for your shop. Learn how to grow your business from your consultant’s extensive experience in workshop management, automotive consulting and/or repair shop ownership. You’ll be guided through a customized business management training program and equipped with knowledge to take on the specific challenges and successes of your shop. With your consultant’s support, master how to maximize productivity, optimize staff processes, and build customer retention. Your consultant will help support your shop with a focus on your customers’ experience, workshop performance, and future service strategies.
You can expect the following from your regional consultant:

  • Development of a custom plan tailored to fit your workshop
  • Regular onsite training for all staff members
  • Regular remote reviews of shop performance analytics
  • Data-driven recommendations for shop changes
  • Frequent follow-ups to promote current strategies
  • Continuous review and retraining processes
  • Support for emerging vehicle technologies and processes


As a Bosch Auto Service franchisee, Bosch's marketing platform will be at your fingertips, designed to help improve your shop's outreach. With our systems and processes, you’ll be ready to develop your own online identity within Bosch Auto Service and communicate effectively with new and current customers.

Strategy, Support, and Implementation – Marketing and advertising strategies will be incorporated into your personalized assessment and plan for your shop. Bosch Auto Service will work with you every step of the way to understand useful strategies and how to bring value to your specific shop.

Integrated Customer Communication – Your shop will be primed to keep customers satisfied using automated status updates and gain their trust through transparent RO statuses. With easy appointment scheduling processes, provide convenience to your customers while reducing the workload on your staff. Customer communication strategies from Bosch Auto Service help you predict vehicle maintenance needs and reach out to customers at the right times.

Online Identity and SEO Strategy – Your online presence is important to attract new customers. Our built-in keyword and content strategy helps customers to find your shop organically.

Digital Tracking and Reporting – Every marketing strategy can be tracked to help generate reports on how they're working. You’ll learn the strategies needed to create your own promotional campaigns, and we'll also track how well your campaigns do with detailed reports and key insights on how to improve moving forward.

Localized Advertising – Your marketing strategies will be optimized to help you find customers ready to visit your shop. Our advertising methods are designed to appear and appeal to local audiences. This can help you get more customers through your doors.

Review Management and Generation – Reviews are the heart of many businesses these days. Auto repair shops benefit greatly from positive reviews. When you partner with Bosch Auto Service, we'll help you generate more reviews from your customers and manage how these reviews affect your shop.


Bosch Auto Service is in a unique position that allows us to offer both technical and business training for your shop. As part of the Bosch Auto Service network, you gain exclusive access to technical training and technology that helps you stay up to date with the latest industry trends. By using some of the newest equipment available, your team will learn how to diagnose, service, repair, and troubleshoot all types of vehicles. You’ll be prepared for the challenging world of automation, electrification, and connectivity.

Being the best in your field is not limited to vehicle systems. Bosch Auto Service helps you improve repair efficiency with industry-specific business training. Attract new customers with improved shop capabilities, retain the top technicians, and optimize your overall efficiency with our custom training plans designed around your shop's specific needs.
Bosch training gets you access to:

  • Technical and business training
  • Weekly webcasts
  • 24/7 access to our learning management system (LMS)
  • Hands-on and classroom training
  • Seminars with Bosch industry experts

Digital Ecosystem

The Bosch Digital Ecosystem transforms automotive workshops with a turnkey solution to cure shop inefficiency, increase transparency, and improve your business. As a Bosch Auto Service, access our innovative digital systems that help enhance your business and improve your workflow. With the Bosch Digital Ecosystem, you have access to:

Shop Management Software
  • Improve throughput/efficiencies
  • Enhance customer experience through transparency
  • Boost productivity
  • Enhance overall workshop efficiency
Bosch Diagnostic Tools
  • Access to Bosch top vehicle tools and equipment
  • Diagnose, research, and repair vehicle issues quickly
  • Connect Bosch diagnostic tools directly to your Shop Management Software
  • Generate repair orders from your diagnostic tool report
Customer Communication
  • Create a steady flow of customer communication that encourages repeat services
  • Use integrated platforms that make customer engagement seamless
  • Chat, send photos and contact your customers directly
Parts Purchasing
  • A smarter, faster parts ordering platform
  • Buy the same parts from the same suppliers with ease
  • Pull parts you need directly from your Shop Management Software
  • Accumulate points and reward your customers or employees through the Bosch loyalty program
  • Benefit from routine ordering of products or parts


As a Bosch Auto Service partner, you build a relationship with the entire Bosch brand. Bosch has been a world leader in auto manufacturing for over 125 years, and as a Bosch Auto Service, you benefit from Bosch's vast and diverse network of businesses and partnerships.

Uniforms – Bosch offers only the highest quality uniforms and brand merchandise for our shops, letting you and your employees work in safety and comfort.
Dealer Equipment Services – With the Dealer Equipment Service (DES) program, you get access to the most comprehensive range of tools, equipment, and diagnostics. These innovative technologies help you improve and diversify your business. You'll get access to new forms of revenue and improve the service you provide to your customers.
Warranty Services – With a Bosch parts warranty, you'll get parts and labor reimbursement on any ordered parts. Bosch stands behind the stability and reliability of its products and aims to provide the best possible experience. With a Bosch Auto Service guarantee, you'll get a reimbursement on both the part and the labor associated with every warranty.

Bosch Brand

Bosch has been a world leader in the auto manufacturing world for over a century. Customers know that they can trust Bosch to provide high-quality, premium parts and state-of-the-art technology for their cars. As a Bosch Auto Service, you'll be equipped to provide the reliability and trustworthiness that Bosch is known for.

When you become a Bosch Auto Service, you’ll get the support you need to brand and enhance your shop inside and out to meet the Bosch standard.

Exterior – The Bosch brand is not just a logo or signage – it reflects the quality of service your shop provides. With the Bosch brand by your side, customers know to expect top-quality service they can trust from the moment they arrive.
Interior – Encourage your customers to relax in your lounge area while they wait for their vehicle. A space where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable is crucial.
Shops – The work bays are where the magic happens. Your technicians deserve a workspace that is clean, innovative, and efficient.