The First Modern Workshop Franchise

Bosch Auto Service is the first modern workshop franchise. This premium concept is crafted specifically for experienced auto repair shop and business owners who strive to be at the forefront of innovation. Backed by a leading industry OEM, each Bosch Auto Service location is built to overcome both technical and operational challenges that face the auto repair industry.

The modern approach of Bosch Auto Service empowers owners, embraces technology, and creates purpose-built workshops to service the vehicles of today, while preparing for the vehicles of tomorrow. At its core, Bosch Auto Service is the all-in-one, customized solution for the antiquated auto repair industry, disrupting the norm and setting a new standard in automotive service.

Bosch Auto Service, where the legacy of technological innovation meets modern business ownership.

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Meeting Modern Demands

Modern Owners
We empower our owners to control their business and be active in high-level decision making. With our guidance and industry insight we enable our owners to run their workshop confidently and their way. By listening to our owners we can apply solutions and industry best practices, that fit their shop's specific needs.

Modern Drivers
As technology advances so do customer's expectations. Our workshops have modern systems to make communication and scheduling easy for customers, while stressing transparency throughout our entire repair process. Through automation and streamlined data integrations we make servicing the modern customer simple.
Bosch Auto Service franchise location with an illuminated pylon.

Our Competitive Advantage

Each Bosch Auto Service location is back by the largest auto parts manufacturer in the world, Bosch. As a leading OEM and IAM provider, Bosch is not only utilized by the majority of vehicle manufacturers but has transformed the service industry and bridged the gap from current to new technologies for decades. We don’t just know what’s coming, we are building it, preparing each franchise with the knowledge of what’s next.
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Bosch Auto Serviceinnovative technology

What We Offer

We provide direction, long-term business plans and insight into the future of automotive technology so you can plan for the future, while continuing to run a successful shop.

All Bosch Auto Service franchises receive:
  • Expert consultants
  • Exclusive training courses
  • Advanced marketing
  • Strategic partnership
  • Recognized brand
  • Integrated Software
Our Benefits
Bosch Auto Service owner meeting the demands for franchise requirements

Franchise Requirements

In order to become a Bosch Auto Service there are specific quality standards that each franchise must meet. As a Bosch Auto Service location our customers expect premium service and high-quality repairs, requiring both shops and owners to display excellence in all aspects of the business.

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Our Roadmap to Ownership

Becoming a Bosch Auto Service franchise is straight forward, requiring a few assessments and reviews from our internal team. Learn more about what it takes to become a franchise.
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How to get started to becoming a Bosch Auto Service Franchise

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