Auto Shop Software Solutions

Bosch Auto Service is dedicated to bringing the latest technology and innovation to the automotive repair industry. We understand that the modern repair shop requires more than just a set of tools and equipment - it requires a connected system that can streamline operations and provide real-time data and insights. That’s why we offer a range of auto repair shop software that connects your shop management system to marketing platform and financials. Our suite of auto repair software promotes healthy data collection and analysis.

Advanced Repair Shop Technology

Our suite of auto shop software is a cloud-based and interconnected collection of software that acts as the hub of your entire shop’s operations. We connect your shop management system to sales, marketing and customer service software. With connected software and systems, your shop is better able to analyze success and determine areas to improve.

What Our Technology Offers:

  • Shop owner mobile access
  • Robust inventory management
  • Customer booking capabilities
  • Work order management
  • Process automation

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Bosch Auto Service Franchise offers you accurate data from your shop management system to your marketing platform.

Accurate KPI Measurement

Our suite of connected shop software allows us to pull complex reports and understand the relationship between the different departments of your auto repair shop. When our consultants analyze your shop's performance, they can determine how to best boost your shop’s output and increase profits.

What We Measure:

  • Monthly repair orders
  • Marketing campaign metrics
  • Bay and tech capacity
  • Customer satisfaction rate
Bosch Auto Service up-to-date technology allows your shop to run at peak performance.

Connected Shop Management & Marketing

Our connected shop management system makes it easy to communicate and market to customers. With centralized data, we can push customer repair order information to connected platforms in order to create unique campaigns based on services received.

Integrated Shop Software

We offer pre-built integrations that your consultant will be able to walk you through. This gives your shop the ability to be up and running quickly, while offering insights on your entire shop not just one aspect.

Data Storage and Tracking

Allow your shop to store and track data in real-time, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions about your repair shop. All of your data is stored securely, but can be accessed by you with ease.

The Benefits of Bosch Auto Service

Learn more about all the benefits of becoming a Bosch Auto Service.

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