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The Bosch Auto Service Franchise is a contemporary business model that combines the benefits of franchising with a strong emphasis on empowering entrepreneurs to maintain ownership and control of their businesses.

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Globally Trusted Leader

As the only franchise backed by a manufacturing OEM, our owners benefit from unparalleled access to industry expertise, technical knowledge, and specialized support. This invaluable resource ensures that each Bosch Auto Service location has a competitive edge in terms of product quality, innovation, and process efficiency. We have been making high-quality parts for over 135 years; going back as far as the magneto, and many of our original vehicle inventions are still around today. In fact, a Bosch part is found in 90% of domestic vehicles on the road.

Bosch Auto Service franchise is backed by Bosch a Global automotive industry leader

As a global leader in product development and a manager of over 15,000 auto repair shops globally, Bosch is uniquely qualified to help each Bosch Auto Service succeed.

Our Bosch Auto Service Owners make strategic business decisions.

Entrepreneurial Autonomy

The Bosch Auto Service Franchise prioritizes giving our owners autonomy in their day-to-day operations. Meaning each Bosch Auto Service owner has the flexibility to make strategic decisions, manage their teams, and adapt to local market conditions without excessive interference.

Ownership Stake

Unlike traditional franchises that may require franchisees to surrender a significant portion of their business, Bosch Auto Service allows owners to retain control of their shop. This ownership fosters a sense of pride and commitment while also providing a direct financial incentive for each Bosch Auto Service owner to drive their business's success.
Bosch Auto Service Owner directing a technician
Our Bosch Auto Service Owners make strategic business decisions.

Attract Premium Customers

Bosch has a wide range of customers across various industries who appreciate the quality of products Bosch offers. They remain loyal to the brand, actively seeking Bosch products and services in their daily lives. As a Bosch Auto Service provider, customers will seek out your shop due to the existing relationships they have with Bosch.
Owners sitting at the table talking business with their Bosch representative.

Direct Input into Strategic Decisions

Bosch Auto Service owners have a seat at the table for marketing efforts and strategic business decisions. Owners are the boots on the ground who see customers everyday, and provide key insights about customers and their needs. This enables us to tailor marketing efforts to suit your local customer base while still adhering to the broader brand guidelines.

Shared Values and Vision

Bosch maintains a strong alignment of values and vision between itself and our Bosch Auto Service Owners. This ensures that both parties are working toward common goals, such as brand growth and customer satisfaction, while respecting the unique contributions of each franchise location.

Bosch Auto Service owner sharing a vision of his repair shop.
Technician fixing a vehicle at a Bosch Auto Service franchise location.

Collaborative Innovation

Bosch Auto Service encourages a culture of collaboration and innovation, where Bosch Auto Service owners are encouraged to share ideas, best practices, and feedback with Bosch and fellow locations. This approach allows for continuous improvement and adaptability in response to changing market dynamics.

The Benefits of Bosch Auto Service

Learn more about our shop solutions from marketing to business coaching. You receive all these benefits at your Bosch Auto Service franchise location.

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