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Bosch is a globally renowned brand known for its innovation, quality, and reliability. As a member of the Bosch family, we are dedicated to maintaining the high standards of the Bosch brand and providing our customers with excellent service.

The Bosch Brand

Bosch's strength lies in its reputation for quality, innovation, and continually being at the forefront of technological advancements in the automotive industry for over 125 years. Bosch's products and services are recognized by customers worldwide for their reliability and superior performance.

What You Gain from the Bosch Brand:

  • Access to Bosch customers
  • National recognition in quality
  • Greater awareness from customers

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Bosch delivers a brand recognition to many customers of various sectors

More Opportunities

As a member of the Bosch family, you will have access to the latest technologies and innovations in the automotive industry. Bosch Auto Service locations have first line access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment, ensuring that you can provide customers with top-quality service.

percent of consumers throughout the US recognize Bosch's name.


of consumers who purchase Bosch automotive parts say brand is important to them.


of customers choose Bosch for high-quality, best value and brand reputation.

Bosch Auto Service Franchise's network of franchise services

Gain New Customers with Bosch

Bosch has a network of customers and associates throughout the United States that your shop can market to. This opens up opportunities for new customers to visit your shop, who already have a positive experience with Bosch products.

Get Recognition Through Larger Campaigns

Bosch runs various large-scale campaigns that can include Bosch Auto Service, expanding your customer base. This is an excellent way to increase your shop's visibility and attract more customers.

The Benefits of Bosch Auto Service

Learn more about all the benefits of becoming a Bosch Auto Service.

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