Meet the Leadership of Bosch Auto Service

At Bosch Auto Service, leadership isn't just a role; it's a commitment to driving innovation, making a profound impact, and embracing a culture of innovation and collaboration. Our leadership team, composed of dedicated individuals such as Ulrike "Uli" Jaschek and Helen Bruford, embodies these principles in every aspect of their roles. We are immensely proud to be the first women-run workshop franchise in the country, setting a remarkable precedent in the automotive industry.

Bosch Auto Service CEO Uli

CEO: Ulrike "Uli" Jaschek

Pioneer of Progress

Uli Jaschek's career stands as a testament to transformative thinking, positioning her as a vital force in Bosch Auto Service's leadership. With over 17 years of dedicated service to Bosch, her relentless dedication to innovation has not only set new industry standards but also propelled the company to new heights.

Her journey, from working her way through college in Germany and starting her Bosch career as a student worker in Reutlingen to her successful career in the U.S. and fulfillment of her dream to live in Chicago, reflects her unwavering determination.

Uli's groundbreaking contributions to the automotive industry not only disrupt norms but also reflect her unwavering commitment to driving change within the organization. Her influence extends beyond the products we create, fundamentally shaping our perception of our mission.

Bosch Auto Service CFO Helen

CFO: Helen Bruford

The Powerhouse of Change

Helen Bruford, with 25 years of dedication and service at Bosch, stands as the driving force behind the transformation of Bosch Auto Service. Her leadership style seamlessly blends power and grace, positioning her as a prominent thought leader in the automotive industry. Over more than two decades, she has tirelessly shaped the corporate landscape, ignited change, and fostered innovation. As the head of our finance, admin, and I.T. department at Bosch Auto Service, her influence is profound.

Helen's unrivaled ability to cultivate a culture of financial excellence, nurture talent, and initiate impactful transformations propels us to embrace adaptation, evolution, and financial growth in a manner few leaders can match. A firm believer in our untapped potential, she eloquently asserts, "Always believe in yourself. You're capable of more than you imagine." Her financial influence resonates across the organization.

Join the Journey

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