About Bosch

Bosch is a world-leading OEM in auto parts manufacturing, in fact, the largest parts manufacturer in the world. Starting as a workshop for precision mechanics in 1886, Bosch’s innovative spirit has contributed more than just mechanics. With inventions in a variety of sectors, Bosch is not a stranger when it comes to setting new standards. Specifically in the automotive industry, Bosch has contributed inventions such as fuel injectors, spark plugs, vehicle ECUs, and recently an electric motor. As an innovator and industry leader, we’ve anticipated the changes in auto repair and have met them head-on with the Bosch Auto Service Franchise
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The Story of Bosch Auto Service

What started as a series of solutions, with the goal of helping independent repair shops thrive, turned into an auto franchise concept. The idea was simple: utilize Bosch’s experience to create an auto repair franchise capable of delivering modern service. Bosch has, built technology for diagnostics, experience managing 16,500 workshops globally, insights into automotive trends, and leading workshop operations experts to that actively assist workshop with operations. We had all the pieces; we simply just put the puzzle together. In 2023, the Bosch Auto Service franchise was officially launched, a technology and owner-focused auto service franchise which includes all the benefits Bosch’s experience and industry prowess has to offer. Become a part of our story and learn how a Bosch Auto Service franchise could be your next great investment.
Bosch Auto Service franchise repaired vehicles on the road to happiness!

A Franchise for Innovators

Bosch and its entities have always taken pride in creating a better community, innovating upon current technologies, or creating new ones. The Bosch Auto Service Franchise is for owners who seek innovation, embrace technology, see the opportunities that come with change, while always being willing to put their best foot forward. With Bosch’s industry expertise and a drive for excellence from each owner, each Bosch Auto Service Franchise has the ability to be the pinnacle of modern repair.

Our Core Values

At Bosch, we hold each Bosch Auto Service Franchise to the highest standards. As our founder Robert Bosch once said: “The integrity of my promise, faith in the quality of my goods, and given word always mean more to me than temporary gain.” With that in mind, each Bosch Auto Service Franchise strives to continuously meet our six core values in every aspect of our business.

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Bosch Auto Service franchise repaired vehicles on the road to happiness!

Our Benefits

Each Bosch Auto Service franchise is prepared to handle the road ahead. With state-of-the-art technology, industry-best coaching, and modern marketing, to name a few of the benefits, each franchise has the support they need to provide the right solution, repair, and experience for every customer that comes through the door.

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The Benefits of Bosch Auto Service

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