The Bosch Auto Service Difference

Bosch Auto Service was invented with independent auto repair shops in mind. When you sign on to join the Bosch Auto Service franchise, you gain a valuable business connection that supports your business goals. Grow your customer satisfaction and relationships through our dedicated support. Learn about all of the Bosch Auto Service Franchise elements below.
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As a Bosch Auto Service, a dedicated shop coach is with you every step of the way, coaching you through customized industry and financial strategies designed specifically for your shop. Our coaches aim to improve your shops’ performance.
Bosch expert consultant running through the auto repair shop franchise, Bosch Auto Service, benefits
Bosch Auto Service shop manager greeting a satisfied auto repair customer


As a Bosch Auto Service franchise, Bosch's marketing platform and solutions are designed with your shop in mind. Our systems and processes will aid in building an online identity and enable you to communicate effectively with your customers.


Becoming a Bosch Auto Service gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to training. We offer access to both technical and business training to help your shop adapt with and not to, the auto repair industry.
Bosch Auto Service technicians using the latest tools and technology to diagnose and repair a vehicle
Bosch Auto Service technician running vehicle diagnostics at a franchise service center

Digital Ecosystem

The Bosch Digital Ecosystem transforms automotive workshops combatting shop inefficiency, increasing transparency, and digitizing your business. As a Bosch Auto Service, you’ll be ready to serve the customer of tomorrow.


As a Bosch Auto Service franchise, you can build relationships with the entire Bosch brand and benefit from our 125 years of partnership building. We have a diverse network of vendors that can add quick benefits to your shop.
An insight into the service area of a  Bosch Auto Service repair shop franchise
Bosch Auto Service technician working working on an oil change filter replacement.

Bosch Brand

Bosch has been a world leader in the auto manufacturing world for over a century and our name carries a recognized quality. As a Bosch Auto Service, you will experience the effects of that recognition with loyal customers and new opportunities.