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At Bosch, we are committed to providing high-quality technical and business training to our Bosch Auto Service franchises. Our training programs are designed to help you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the automotive industry, as well as provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the ever-changing world.

Auto Technician Repair Training

As a Bosch Auto Service franchise, you'll receive access to our learning management system with a variety of courses for your auto technicians. We want to enable your shop mechanics to work on all makes and models.

Our courses will help you:

  • Fill knowledge & skill gaps
  • Learn how to use new technology
  • Work on electric vehicles
  • Retain automotive technicians

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Bosch has in person automotive seminars so you can get hands on repair experience with a variety of vehicles.

Business Operations & Service Writer Training

We understand that your customer service is just as important as your repairs. Our service writer training covers a variety of situations and emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction to create lifelong customers.

What we cover:

  • Key-to-key process
  • Customer interaction skills
  • Financial integration training
  • Internal communication strategies
Bosch Auto Service has a comprehensive selection of online and in person automotive training courses.

Easy To Use

Ease of use is our top priority. Our learning management system is designed to track, train, and schedule classes in one easy-to-use system. As you assign courses to your team, you can track and see which technicians have completed the training.

Shop Training Classes

Our classes cover a broad scope of training, including auto technician training, service writer training, and electric vehicle training . Our shop training solutions focus on training your entire staff to improve customer satisfaction and repair order output.

Variety of Training Types

We understand that people learn differently, especially when it comes to the auto repair industry. That's why we offer a variety of training types, including online auto technician training, repair seminars, classroom, and hands-on auto technician training for new vehicle technologies.

The Benefits of Being a Bosch Auto Service Franchise

Learn more about all the benefits of becoming a Bosch Auto Service.

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