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As a world leader with a global reputation, you can trust Bosch to continue leading the world of workshop services with innovative technologies and systematic approaches to quality control. With 125 years of unique knowledge and expertise, Bosch has pioneered many technologies that have become the industry standard in most of today’s vehicles.

Modern workshop businesses can turn major challenges into powerful new opportunities with the right support. Bosch Auto Service has a devotion to excellence we use to help provide that support for our customers. When a repair shop becomes a Bosch Auto Service, they help revolutionize the way vehicles are serviced. So, when you take your vehicle to a Bosch Auto Service, you know you’re getting quality repair work performed by knowledgeable technicians.
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At Bosch Auto Service, we aim to create an uncomplicated relationship between Bosch and independent automotive repair shops. Our goal is to modernize the standard repair shop and bring industry excellence to customers. With the strength and reputation of the Bosch brand backing our powerful service network, we can support our repair shops to not only address but benefit from every challenge.

Our systems and processes save time, increase efficiency and help customers find the best repair job available. We motivate all Bosch Auto Services to strengthen their community and build lasting relationships with their customers that can stand for generations.
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We work tirelessly to continually revolutionize the way drivers get their vehicles serviced. We have a strong passion for innovation that enables our shops to create an experience, rather than a chore, for our drivers. High-quality parts and integrated technology allow Bosch Auto Service to be at the forefront of automotive technology and advancement, which truly satisfies our drivers’ needs. We strive to establish our network as the pinnacle of repair.

Bosch Auto Service Values

At Bosch Auto Service, we hold our repair shops and employees to a high standard. As our founder Robert Bosch once said: “The integrity of my promise, faith in the quality of my goods, and given word always means more to me than temporary gain.” With that in mind, Bosch Auto Service strives to continuously meet our six core values in every aspect of our business.

Bosch is a recognized world leader within the automotive sector and the world's largest auto parts supplier. With over 125 years of experience and knowledge, Bosch manufacturing facilities continuously produce products of high quality. Bosch parts are engineered and factory-tested to ensure years of reliable performance.

When you take your vehicle to a local Bosch Auto Service, you have access to the extensive parts catalog that Bosch offers. Most vehicles on the road today come standard with Bosch auto parts, so you can trust in the reliability and performance of the Bosch parts within your car. With a Bosch auto part, your car will have years of trustworthy performance that’s made Bosch a globally recognized brand.